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Catron Cemeteries

Special Note:  "Dear Friends:
    A lot of you ask that I let you know when the new book, "From Dust to Dust...Cemeteries in Northern Catron County" come off the press.  We just this week received half of them. (Their printing press died for about 17 hours, they said! How appropriate!)  But they called to say they've resumed printing and will print through Saturday night and think they will all be ready by Monday morning!! And just in time for Christmas!
    The book is a big one--has 296 pages and included some 1160 individuals.  They're not in color as I had hoped, as the pictures were beautiful, made this summer when everything was so pretty and green.
    They will be $20.00 each, and if mailed or shipped, it will be +$2.50, or $22.50 each.  I think you will enjoy the reading.  It's like a history book of our part of the county.

Sincerely, Kathryn McKee-Roberts
  1050 Brooks Lane
  Bosque Farms, NM   87068
  Ph:   505-869-2748
  Email:  ronsisty[at]aol.com

Find A Grave Websites for Catron County (35 Listings)

Alma Cemetery , courtesy of Sharon Linneer
Apache Creek Cemetery , courtesy of Naomi Martineau
Aragon Cemetery, Courtesy of Pat Bennett
Cooney Cemetery, courtesy of Sharon Linneer and Cheryl Harris
Datil Cemetery, courtesy of Pat Bennett
Datil ["White House"] Canyon Monument to William MORLEY
Divide Cemetery , courtesy of Pat Bennett
Glenwood Cemetery , courtesy of Betty Clark Bridgford and Sharon Linneer
Greer Cemetery
Horse Springs Cemetery, Courtesy of Pat Bennett
Kelley Cemetery , courtesy of Sharon Linneer
Lewis Family , Courtesy of HSR, Inc.
Lone Graves, Courtesy of Pat Bennett
Luna Cemetery , courtesy of Lillie Snyder
Mangus Cemetery, Courtesy of Pat Bennett
Mogollon Cemetery, courtesy of Betty Bridgford and Sharon Linneer
Morley Monument, information courtesy Dodi Maggart
Pie Town Cemetery
Quemado Community Cemetery , courtesy of Naomi Martineau
Quemado Sacred Heart Cemetery, Courtesy of Pat Bennett
Reserve Cemetery , courtesy of Shirley Garfield
Sunny Slope Cemetery, courtesy of many volunteers (see foot of page)
Tularosa Creek Cemetery
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